A Brief History of Fine Cheeses

17 July 2023

Early Beginnings 

Cheese is the most delicious accident of mankind. All the way back in 8000 BC, humans stored milk in pouches made from animal stomachs. The enzymes in this material started curdling the milk, forming solid cheese. 

What began accidentally in nomadic tribes soon spread to ancient civilizations in Egypt, Rome, and Greece. As these populations began experimenting with cheesemaking, they created new kinds. For instance, the ancient Greeks are credited with creating feta cheese. 

During the mediaeval and renaissance periods in Europe, cheesemaking was undertaken primarily by monks and nuns living in monasteries. Once the industrial revolution came along, so did innovative practices of pasteurisation and mechanisation that led to mass production. 

Over the years, the craft of cheesemaking has been honed, tweaked, and perfected by artisans across the world. Today, there are thousands of different varieties of cheeses, each with their own unique flavour palettes. 

Fine Cheeses 

As one of the best fine dining restaurants in Brisbane, Adela prides itself on having an elite selection of fine European cheeses on our menu. But what is it that separates high-quality artisan cheese from the rest? 

Well, there are several qualities that we look for when selecting cheeses for our menu:

  • Quality Craftsmanship: The construction of any product is indicative of its quality. Good cheeses are made with quality ingredients by experienced artisans who have studied the craft. 
  • Unique Terroir: Like fine wines, the concept of terroir applies to cheeses as well. The environment that the milk is sourced from, and that the cheese is created in has a direct effect on its flavour. A unique terroir creates a rare and delicious cheese. 
  • Perfect Ageing: As cheese ages, it develops intricate textures, aromas and flavours. There’s a real art to finding that sweet spot in the ageing process where the cheese is at its prime.  
  • Reputation: Adela’s cheeses are primarily sourced from Europe—a country with a rich history of cheesemaking. Their good reputation and prestige is earned through their delicious cheeses. We select the best artisans on the continent. 

Adela carefully considers all of these factors when buying cheese for our menu because we want our patrons to have the very best dining experience in Brisbane. 

Cheese Boards 

Sampling an aptly curated cheese board is a wonderful treat. By trying a variety of different cheeses, you develop a better sense of how the flavours complement each other. Pair it with a glass of fine wine, and you’re in for a wonderful dining experience. 

Adela, Brisbane’s best wine bar, has a table just for you. You can reserve it on our website, or drop in to see us. We’d be delighted to serve you. 

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