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A Touch of Adela
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“Let there be no doubt: All love connections are not equal, some bonds are simply practical, but others need “A Touch of Adela”! One thing is certain, we have a lot more to learn and a lot more to contribute.

Perhaps the word “Passion” is slightly saturated in the food and beverage industry and for each of us it has a different meaning, particularly when it comes to wines. Wines should be revered and appreciated, after all, it translates all the expressions of the terroir in which the grapes emerged and the tireless effort that a winemaker has preserved to gracefully dance the wines into a bottle. It is a winemaker’s legacy to bewitch people into enjoying a wine and to be enchanted by its creation.

Everyone’s wine journey starts somewhere and ours start with our vignerons!

An enchanting wine journey
The passion, the magic

A deep respect, appreciation and love for wine is driven by Adela’s desire to collaborate with some of the amazing people that tirelessly work in vineyards and wineries.

The wine list is small, smart and creatively curious. It boasts wines from the most respected names across Australia and the globe, classics, hidden gems, natural wines, and a great list of bottles with very limited production. Our team have created something genuine, refined and curated to harmonize with the intimate venue. Adela has scoured the world to provide you with wines that you’re certain to love and to create an unpretentious wine experience without traveling far.

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